Directory of UK lenders who will consider applications from people with bad credit history
Mortgages, loans and credit cards suitable for people with poor credit rating
Bank accounts for people with bad credit rating

There are bank accounts which are open to everyone and do not require a credit check.

You may well have been turned down for a bank account by one of the major institutions on the high street, but providing you are a UK resident aged 18 or over, you can have access to the services that most people in the UK benefit from including online banking, telephone and mobile banking. 

You could set up standing orders and direct debits which could allow you to benefit from discounted rates with energy and utility providers.

What are known as basic bank accounts usually do not charge for returned cheques and do not allow you to build up debt by going overdrawn, so there will be no hidden or unexpected charges.

You will also benefit from the convenience of having a prepaid Mastercard to make payments for purchases and you could earn cash rewards by using the prepaid card. 

These current accounts are ideal if you are on an IVA or debt management plan, an undischarged bankrupt, a foreign national with a permanent UK address or have a really poor credit history.

Use the search facility above to find bank accounts for people with a poor credit rating.

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