Directory of UK lenders who will consider applications from people with bad credit history
Mortgages, loans and credit cards suitable for people with poor credit rating
Credit cards for people with low credit score

Being turned down for a credit card can be embarrassing and annoying, but there are some card issuers who are more likely to accept you if you have a bad credit rating.

A card issuer will access your application and award you points (give with a credit score) according to your job, salary, marital status and previous credit history. You are likely to be refused by most card companies if you have CCJs, been bankrupt or have defaulted on previous credit agreements. However there are some credit card companies who have less rigid credit scoring procedures and they may offer you a credit card and a chance to rebuild your credit rating, although the APR will be higher than the market leading credit card - typically around 30% APR.

Credit cards are best to use if you want to borrow a small amount of money for a short time and they are most suitable for people who are good at budgeting.

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Alternatives - Prepaid Cards

A relatively new alternative is a prepaid card where you put money on it in the same way as you top up a pay as you go mobile phone. You can't go overdrawn or get into debt, which limits your exposure to fraudsters. The cards can be used like normal debit cards and are ideal for people who struggle to get accepted for conventional plastic. You do not need a bank account and there is no credit scoring.  

You can use a prepaid card to purchase goods and services at any retail outlet which accepts credit and debit cards, including in the High Street and on the Internet. The cards can topped up with funds at thousands of retailers across the UK and even the Post Office.

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